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The Pelton & Crane MagnaClave . . .

If you are needing a 15" x 30" chamber on a freestanding system, without the bother or expense of external plumbing or ventilation or special water systems . . .

The MagnaClave was once the way to go. Once but no longer. Because Pelton and Crane has discontinued the MagnaClave.

Call us at 800-839-0722 to find out more about the system that has replaced the MagnaClave as the preferred 15" x 30" sterilizer on the market.


The Once-Legendary Pelton and Crane MagnaClave Large-Chambered Sterilizer . . . Sadly Couldn't Cut It Any Longer.

The MagnaClave by Pelton and Crane has long been one of the leading sterilizers on the market, and by far the most preferred large-chambered (15" x 30") system that was fully freestanding. No fussing with plumbing or water pumps or RO systems or ventilation.

But in the end . . . they simply couldn't keep up in competition against the 15" x 30" Tuttnauer 3870EA.


Four Reasons Why the MagnaClave Was Likely Discontinued:

— Reason 1: The MagnaClave consistently cost about $4,000 more than the 3870EA.
— Reason 2: The Tuttnauer 3870EA carries DOUBLE the warranty as the MagnaClave.
— Reason 3: The Tuttnauer warranty covers parts and labor. Pelton only covered parts.
— Reason 4: The performance of the Tuttnauer 3870EA ... was simply superior.

The MagnaClave Alternative . . . The Tuttnauer 3870EA

If you are needing a free-standing large-chambered autoclave, your best bet now is the Tuttnauer 3870EA. (It's also available in a basic manual version, the 3870M, for $1,000 less. But most people get the automatic 3870EA for the sake of its closed-door drying, its ability to support a built-in printer, and its 24-month parts and labor warranty.)

— You still get a free-standing 15" x 30" sterilizer. The best-seller 5 years running.
— You still get the stand to set it on (we include this for free).
— You still have the option of a built-in printer for recording cycle data.
— But with the Tuttnauer 3870EA you save a lot of money.
— And you get a much better (much longer) warranty.
— And on top of everything you get to enjoy the industry's best HEPA-air-filtered closed-door drying cycles.

You are sure to love the Tuttnauer 3870EA. It's an incredible successor to the MagnaClave. And it has been the best-selling 15" autoclave for easily five years now.

You can check out the Tuttnauer 3870EA by clicking here.


Or if you prefer, just give us a call now: 800-839-0722 ... or submit the short form at the top of the page if you would like to learn more about the MagnaClave replacement: the best-selling Tuttnauer 3870EA. We can give you all of the info you need and provide you with a formal quote.

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