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About Fisher Biomedical Incorporated

Fisher Biomedical Incorporated is setting the new standard for consultative sales, service, and support in the biomedical equipment field.

For over 33 years, Fisher Biomedical has worked with thousands of clients, from major hospitals and clinics, to universities and government agencies, to corporations and major laboratories, to private doctors and dentists and veterinarians; and through those years it has earned the respect (and the ongoing friendship) of an extraordinary and diverse clientele.

Clients become friends, friends become family - and Fisher Biomedical is above all else a family company, sincerely caring for the interests of the physicians it assists and, ultimately, of the patients under those physicians. Excellence in service, coupled with uncompromising support, makes Fisher Biomedical the first choice of the medical community along Florida's Gulf Coast.

Company founder and president, David Fisher, personally heads up the service work throughout most of Florida. With over 30 years in the biomedical field, and training in numerous service schools (including Midmark, Tuttnauer, Burdick/Quinton, ATL, Titertek Instruments, Norland, Siemens, Ultrasonics, ICN Micromedics, Western Diagnostics, Danam, Sequoia-Turner, IsoData, Coopervision, Ultrasonix, Behring Diagnostics, and many others), David has worked on virtually every piece of medical equipment that has emerged over the past three decades.

From 1976 through 1982, David served in the Air Force, first as a Pharmacy Technician at McClellan Air Force Base, Sacramento, California, and later as a Biomedical Equipment Technician at Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, Illinois, where he obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant with minimum time in service and held top security clearances and critical ratings. After leaving the service, David opened a branch office for Mid-States Service Corporation in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and by 1984 Fisher Biomedical Incorporatedrelocated to Chesterfield, Missouri — and was off and running in a very big way.

Over the years following, Fisher Biomedical became the factor- direct link for sales and service to ten major medical product lines, as well as the third-party field service center for eleven medical equipment companies. David himself worked with over 500 healthcare clients throughout Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and southern Illinois, both as a technician and as a consultant. Going above and beyond in order to meet client needs, he then developed, implemented, and administered a comprehensive electrical safety and clinical engineering program, which proved enormously successful. Assisted by his eldest son, Jeff Fisher, David also very rapidly assumed a leading position in the field of bone densitometry.

In the year 1995 ... the allure of better climates became irresistible, and Fisher Biomedical said its good-byes to Missouri and the Midwest. The company took a risk, and in 1995 moved its headquarters to Florida's Gulf Coast. Settling in Venice, Florida (near Sarasota), Fisher Biomedical opened its doors and started making new friends. Quite soon they entered the rolls of the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce. The medical community also quickly became aware of Fisher Biomedical's presence, and in no time the company was running full force once more (now under sunnier skies). The business flourished — indeed, beyond expectation — and soon Fisher Biomedical Inc realized it had gone international, with clients springing up all over the world.

Word was out: here was a company you could trust ... here was a company you could rely on. Fisher Biomedical had proven itself in Missouri, in Florida, then across the country and around the world.

In the year 2001 ... Fisher Biomedicaldecided to launch an expansion where it would concentrate on equipment sales. Under the management and supervision of David's sons (and later his grandson), the new offices made possible a dramatic expansion in the company's nationwide sales. Carey has personally taken an especially strong position in Podiatric and Equine Ultrasounds, as well as multiple sterilizer and autoclave lines, and has acquired a growing reputation for truly consultative, enthusiastic, solution-based sales and training.

For professionalism and excellence, for friendliness and a commitment to going above and beyond . . . Fisher Biomedical is your unmatched choice for quality service, sales, and support.