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Tuttnauer 3870EA

New Tuttnauer 3870EA & 3870M Autoclaves

Your Best Option For Long Instruments or Large Loads

  • Chamber size: 15" x 30" (22gal/85L)
  • Lower tray dimensions: 11.3" x 26.6"
  • Upper tray dimensions: 13.8" x 26.6"
  • External dims (without optional stand): 26" wide x 34.5" deep x 20.6" high
  • Cycle-time: about 45 minutes

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The Tuttnauer 3870 Series: Built for Capacity!

If you have a lot to sterilize, you have two and a half choices. Choice one is to go with a large-chambered system like the Tuttnauer 3870, which has large trays and lots of room between them. The sheer chamber volume of the 3870 is over two times as much as you'll find in the next model down.

Choice two is to go with multiple smaller systems (for example, running two EZ10 autoclaves, which might give you more flexibility than running one 3870, and would be faster as well). The "half" choice would be to run multiple smaller systems, but to elect for the 220-volt versions, which run twice as fast, for example the 2540MK or EZ10K.

Or course, it might very well be that you just need a big sterilizer. If you are doing very large cassettes or wrapped packs of instruments, for example, you might simply need ample vertical clearance. In those cases, you're going to want the 15" x 30" chamber of the Tuttnauer 3870 series. (And you might even pull out that top tray for more vertical clearance if you are doing something like flasks.)

Anything Larger?

TheTuttnauer 3870 series (and the now discontinued MagnaClave) is in the unique niche of sterilizers with chambers significantly larger than most standard benchtop systems (consider: the Tuttnauer 3870 has a chamber volume of 22 gallons ... versus the next model down, the EZ11-Plus, which has a chamber volume of only 7.5 gallons) — but still weighs in small enough and of simple enough design to avoid having to step into the hospital-/industrial-class systems, such as those by Steris and Amsco.

Anything larger than a Tuttnauer 3870, or anything of this size requiring a vacuum cycle, is going to require external plumbing, reverse osmosis water and an external steam-generator, not to mention a substantial build-out ... and a price tag more than double, even triple or quadruple, the cost of a Tuttnauer 3870EA.

If you can make due with a 15" x 30" chamber, the Tuttnauer 3870 is your best bet.

Uncertain whether it can handle what you are hoping to run through it?

If so, we have custom chamber and tray diagrams, and we can work out not only whether your trays, instruments or flasks will fit, but even exacly how many per cycle.

The Optional Stand and Printer

TheTuttnauer 3870 systems can fit on a large counter (you are going to want at least close to the actual depth of the system, front to back, which is 34.5 inches, and probably an inch more than that, to allow for the power cord coming out the back) — or you can preserve your cournter space and set them on the autoclave stand we include with each system.

There are two available upgrades for the 3870EA automatic autoclave. You can upgrade the system to the 3870EAP, adding a built-in printer for recording your cycle data. And if you have fancier-than-normal sterilization needs, there's also a "continuous cycle" upgrade available, enabling you to program in sequential cycles.

The printer option is quite common; you may have requirements of tracking your sterilization cycles, or you may just want to keep an eye on them for your own peace of mind. The "continuous cycle" option is more rare, usually for manufacturers who need to test items and their ability to stand up to sterilization.

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"The Tuttnauer 3870 Autoclave has admirably handled our heavy case load. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and always dependable. Fisher Biomedical provided us with a great deal and has given us exceptional service. Highly recommended!"

- Dr. Bud Siemering

Re: 220-Volt ...

It might take more initially to set up an outlet for 220-volt, but the advantage in sheer chamber capacity (depending on your work flow and caseload), might prove well worth it.

We can provide you with all of the electrical specs you will want to provide your electrician so that he can have the outlet ready for you in advance of your sterilizer arriving. And if your building is actually 208-volt? No worries, we have an easy solution for that as well!

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