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SciCan Bravo Sterilizer

The SciCan Bravo 17V and Bravo 21V Autoxlaves

Amazing Pre- / Post-Vacuum Sterilization

  • 24-month manufacturer warranty.
  • Available in 17L or 21L chamber sizes:
    17L = 10" x 13.5"
    21L = 10" x 17.5"
  • Available in 120V or 220V electrical options.
  • Available with or without printer.
  • Unwrapped cycle times as low as 18 minutes.
  • Intelligent closed-door drying (Dri-Tec Technology).
  • Expert advice, training, and ongoing support!

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Pre-/Post-Vacuum sterilization has long been the sole province of the extremely complicated and the extremely expensive, usually requiring substantial build-outs and installations.

No longer.

The newest addition to SciCan’s autoclave family, the Bravo fractionated vacuum chamber autoclave, continues the SciCan tradition of being at the forefront of innovation and technology. Bravo is a fractionated vacuum sterilizer that incorporates both pre-vac (to remove air) and post-vac (to help drying) cycles to ensure perfect steam penetration for any load. Bravo is true to the Statim® reputation for speed, providing rapid cycles for unwrapped instruments.

For more information and tech specs on the Bravo, download the PDF file here.

* Note: Recent CDC and provincial guidelines require a daily Bowie Dick test for all vacuum sterilizers in addition to chemical and biological testing.

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NOTE TO DENTISTS: We are not authorized to sell to dentists. If you are affiliated with a hospital, we can sell to the hospital and ship there. But we cannot ship directly to a dentist office. No exceptions. Sorry!

NOTE TO CANADIANS: Under no circumstances whatsoever are we able to ship a SciCan system into Canada. We are only authorized to sell within the United States.

Click here to download a PDF file showing the Bravo, its key features, and its technical specs.

Click here to visit the actual manufacturer's website and read more about the SciCan Bravo.

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