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Norland Bone Densitometers are one of our primarily specializations, and we would love to have the opportunity of helping you determine your best densitometry solution.

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The Norland Line

Fisher Biomedical has been working with the Norland line of DEXA bone densitometers since the 1980s. We continue to sell and maintain dozens upon dozens of Norland systems throughout Florida and across the country. We can sell them, we can repair and refurbish them, we can train you and your staff on operating and mainting them properly, and we can even offer service contracts on system we install. If it's Norland, we are the #1 choice in Florida and throughout the Southeast.

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Flat vs. Portable

Flatbed bone densitometers provide superior scanning, producing DEXA images of the femur and spine.

Portable densitometers cost less, of course, and are obviously easier to move around. Portables normally scan the heel or the wrist and forearm. And while the quality of the scan (whether DEXA-based or Ultrasound-based) is excellent, it still does not quite measure up to what is possible on a full bed.

Which is why flatbed DEXA scans often reimburse three times as much as portable DEXA or Ultrasound-based scans.

Ultimately, if you absolutely need to be portable, you are going to have to get a portable system (or install a flatbed on a mobile vehicle). But if you are not planning on moving the system, we strongly recommend giving us a call to help you determine whether a flatbed might be a better choice for your facility. The price is higher, yes — but so is the accuracy, and so are the profits you will be able to generate.

DEXA vs. Ultrasound

DEXA uses X-ray and has long been the standard for measuring bone density. The only drawback is that in most states, you are required to have a physician or x-ray technician operating the system.

Ultrasound-based densitometery has been advancing over the years and is now very nearly on par (if not equivalent to) DEXA in the accuracy of its readings. What's more, ultrasound is considered inherently "safer" (although an average DEXA scan exerts the merest fraction of a fraction of X-ray energy that you would get from chest X-ray), and therefore you do not need to be a physician or x-ray tech to operate it.

Which is best for you? Call us and we can help you determine that!

Why Fisher?

Family owned and operated for over 25 years, Fisher Biomedical specializes in consulting with clients on their sterilization needs, having worked with medical, dental, and opthalmological offices, surgery centers and hospitals, veterinary practices, colleges and universities, government agencies and military installations, everything from small med spas up through major institutions and manufacturing laboratories — across the USA.

When you call us, you speak with an expert who can answer your questions and help you not only find the right system, at the right price — but also get up and running successfully, rapidly,effectively.

No other seller or service-provider offers this level of expertise and support. Don't settle for second best!