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Tuttnauer 1730 Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 1730 Sterilizer

Tuttnauer's Reliable "Valueklave"

  • Manual 120V Sterilizer with Auto Shut-Off
  • Chamber size: 7" x 13"
  • Overall dims: 17.4" wide x 17.9" deep x 12" high
  • Trays: three (each 4.7" x 11.6")
  • Cycle-time: 9-minute unwrapped cycle
  • One-year complete warranty (parts & labor)
  • But built to last ... pretty much forever.

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The Tuttnauer 1730 "Valueklave" Sterilizer

Designed for the cost-conscience professional with only a handful of instruments to sterilize in each run, the Tuttnauer 1730 will provide all of your basic sterilization needs at an economical price. The compact chamber size (7" x 13" chamber) also makes for a fast cycle time (only 9 to 12 minutes for unwrapped instruments), able to serve faithfully as a viable primary unit for small offices or a second autoclave for larger practices. The simple controls (and a door that closes easily) make this unit a breeze to operate. And they are built like little tanks: the 1730 should give you many, many, many years of faithful service.

They are perfect for small medical offices, schools, spas, beauty parlors, tattoo and piercing shops, (mobile) vet clinics, and many more.

What about drying?

The 1730 is a manual sterilizer, meaning it lacks the automated features you would find in, for example, the EZ9 or EZ10. But the 1730 sterilizes your instruments very quickly and then shifts into a drying cycle for you. All you need to do is manually set the dials and open the door.

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NOTE TO DENTISTS: We are not authorized to sell to dentists. If you are affiliated with a hospital, we can sell to the hospital and ship there. But we cannot ship directly to a dentist office. No exceptions. Sorry!

Will the 1730 be large enough?

The Tuttnauer 1730 is perfect for small batches of instruments. It comes with three trays, each measuring 4.7" x 11.6" with about an inch separating them (although you can of course take out one of the trays to create more clearance if necessary).

Measure your instruments to make sure they will fit. If they are under 11" long, and if you don't have many you need to put through in each cycle, the Tuttnauer 1730 might be the perfect system for you.

Combining affordability and speed, the Tuttnauer 1730 has been one of our best-selling systems (and most seemingly industructible sterilizers) for many years.

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