Client Reviews

"I purchased an ultrasound from you about two years ago (I LOVE it). I have recommended your machine to ANYONE who wants to save money, time, and their horse's overall health by not having to frequently transport them to the vet. It has really been a godsend. And I can't begin to tell you how much money it has saved me - it has paid for itself twice over at least. If you ever get someone that wants a testimonial, please feel free to contact me. Thank you so very much for everything. Your company is a class act!"
Cindy Knox, Corner K Quarter Horses


"Thank you for the [equine ultrasound training] DVD you sent me. It really helped me a lot, and I finally have it figured out now. You did an excellent job on that, and it really solved some problems I hadn't been able to get through in all the time I have been working on using ultrasound. The machine I bought off of you is FAR superior to the one I had, even though the one I had was originally far, far more expensive. Thank you very much for helping me out."
Ted Tomson


“I have to tell you, I love my ultrasound! It has given us so much freedom for breeding our own mares. I no longer have to wait for the vet, but can check them myself on my own schedule! When Kevin suggested we buy it last year, I knew I would love it, but hesitated, because I had heard they were really expensive. It was nice to find such a great machine for a reasonable cost."
Kathy Hood


"I have had many suppliers and vendors in my medical career. Shawn, your organization is top notch. The video that I received last night has already been reviewed. Wow! Shawn, you did a great job. I am a sonographer by education on humans. Dr. Kubiak is an excellent teacher and I believe that I have much to learn. ... I can not say enough good things about your follow-through, your integrity and the quality of your product and the education that you have provided. I believe that the money that I spent was extremely well placed. I did not waste a penny. You have given me much more than I ever expected. That is really rare in today's environment. Thanks for everything. You have totally exceeded all expectations!"
Dr. Micki Haendiges


"My ultrasound from Fisher Biomedical is amazing. Now I may track the egg development to know when to service my mares without all of the vet calls. It really has saved my stallion. I contacted Shawn looking for literature for the mare's reproductive system and with in hours, Shawn had emailed me 2 websites for this information, his service has been great."
Allen C. Hallett


"How is my CTS-200V Ultrasound? ... IT'S AWESOME!!!!! ... I am eager to start detecting follicle development on this year’s mares! This is saving me a HUGE amount of $$$!!!"
Heidi Holmstrom


"The ultrasound was very easy to start using out of the box, and the included documentation was both thorough and simple. Fisher Biomedical, with the personal attention provided by Shawn Fisher, made me feel completely confident in the purchase of this important piece of equipment. From helping us decide which ultrasound and probe were right for us to offering a highly competitive deal, Fisher Biomedical has gone far beyond my expectations for customer service. Mr. Fisher is always friendly, personable, and available to answer questions and provide support before, during, and after the purchase. He really put the finishing touches on the whole experience, taking this already great company to another level. Thanks to his help, I really feel like I have a trustworthy friend in the business! I would unquestionably recommend Fisher Biomedical to any individual or business looking to buy
veterinary or medical equipment."
Heather Wilson

CTS-3300V Plus

Warmblood (Equine Repro) Ultrasound

+ Live Workshop Bonus! (First 10 To Respond!)

+ New Expanded Training Resource Site!

  • Exceptional image (10" screen)
  • 65mm 3.5 - 7.5 MHz Equine Probe!
  • Veterinary software package
  • Equine / Bovine / Canine / Feline calculations
  • Robust 256-frame Cineloop
  • Selective Range TGC Gain Sliders
  • USB drive for transfering images to computer
  • Lightweight portable design
  • 24-month Warranty

Here's What We've Got ...

Included with purchase of our Full Package* Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Operator's Manual
DVD: Fundamentals (Follicles and Embryos)
Book: Ultrasonic Imaging and Horse Repro
Laminated Poster: Repro Organs of the Mare
Laminated Poster: Ultra Anatomy of the Embryo
Ongoing Support and Training Materials
NEW! Equine Ultrasound Training Site!
NEW! Top-18 FAQ's w/ Dr. Jim Kubiak!
NEW! Equine Repro Course w/ Dr. Mark Arns!
LIMITED OFFER! Live Warmblood Workshop!
Also included with the Full Package* Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Custom Soft-Shell Carrying Case
Foot / Hand - Switch
USB Drive
Ultrasound Gel
Arm Sleeves
Free Freight
* Note: You may of course also simply purchase the ultrasound alone, without our full equine repro package, at a lower price. You have the option of either buying the ultrasound alone at one price, or buying the full package at a higher price, or even of picking and choosing among what you would like to add or take away. Just give us a call and we can tailor a package precisely to your needs. Also, the Live Workshop is only available for a limited enrollment (first ten to respond!), and this promotion does not include travel expenses.

Check Out Our New Equine Repro Ultrasound Training Site!

More information on the new website at the bottom of this page!

Why Incorporate Ultrasound Into Your Breeding Operation?
Very simple: Perfection ... according to plan ... every single time.

Isn't it time you took over the ultrasound work for your breeding program? Imagine your savings from not having to use a vet. Imagine the increased conception rates (and safer conceptions) if you were able to track your own mares yourself. Imagine the reduced stress on your mares, and your own peace of mind. Imagine what this could do for you and your family...

Should You Be Doing Your Own Ultrasound Work?

This is actually rather easy to figure out, and comes down to two questions: How much control do you want of your breeding program, and how many mares are you currently breeding?

1-3 mares ...
You probably do not need your own ultrasound. With maybe this exception: If you are breeding extremely valuable horses and you are a long way off from the nearest capable equine vet, then you may still consider it even with only a few mares.

4-10 mares ...
You should seriously be considering it, since chances are, if you add up your vet bills, and if you look at the "cost" of a couple missed conceptions each season, or, if you are doing AI, the very real cost of spending money on extra inseminations that you would not need if you were conducting your own accurate ultrasound exams exactly when necessary — if you add all of that up, you will probably find that yearly it amounts to the cost of buying your own ultrasound.

11 or more mares ...
No question about it. You should absolutely have your own ultrasound, and once you get it, and see the results after just one season, you will be kicking yourself for not getting one years ago. If you have about fifteen mares breeding every season, you are easily spending the cost of the ultrasound every year on your vet bills alone.


The New CTS-5500V+ Warmblood Ultrasound

We have never before had an ultrasound this perfectly suited to warmblood breeding. Here are the top reasons why the CTS-5500V+ is going to be a perfect fit for your program:
  • Resolution — The 10" screen, the high-density probe, the range of control you have over your image ... all combine to give you extremely nice resolution, which makes conducting exams easier and more precise.
  • Ease of Operation — The way this system is configured and the work flow you will learn in operating it makes the CTS-5500V+ so simple to use you can be up and running with it, capturing quality images (and saving them to your computer with two simple steps) the first day ... and feeling quite capable by the end of your first week.
  • Probe Length — You have large horses with large follicles to measure. No other equine ultrasound on the market has a probe this ideally suited to Warmbloods. The probe on the CTS-5500V+ is a full 65mm in length (most probes out there are only 50mm), which means you can capture measurements with greater accuracy and without any fuss. What's more, the frequency range on the probe extends from 3.5 MHz to 7.5 MHz, giving you much more latitude in pulling in the very best images on larger horses.
  • 256-Frame Cineloop — This means you can back up about 25 seconds after pressing freeze. Not only can you save these 25-second movies to view on your computer afterward, but you can also enjoy the freedom of being able to find the image you want, and then, even if you move or the horse moves, you can simply press Freeze (using your hand / foot-switch) and then roll backward in time to back up to where you had the best image still on the screen. This dramatically speeds up your examinations and improves how accurate your measurements are in a very serious way.

Our Exclusive Training Package

You are probably worried about whether you will be able to figure out the ultrasound, and whether you will understand what it is you are looking at, and whether you will actually be able to achieve results.

Don't worry. We have worked with dozens of beginning breeders with no ultrasound experience whatsoever, and while they were all apprehensive at first, with our training package they were able to get up and running right away (most on the same day they received their ultrasound), were feeling comfortable with it by the end of the first week, and were quite capable within the first month. By the end of your first season, you are going to feel like an expert.

And we're making it even easier ...

Live Warmblood Equine Repro Ultrasound Workshop! — But Act Fast: There Are Only 10 Spots Available!

As part of our special Warmblood promotion, featured in Warmbloods Magazine, we are offering to cover the live workshop enrollment for the first 10 to respond. This is a bonus worth over $500, and it will get you a weekend of training with Dr. Jim Kubiak in Southern California, Texas, or Arizona.

Nothing compares to live, hands-on training. This is your chance to become an expert in record time. Don't miss out! Call right away, because these spots are going to move QUICK!

Call now to speak with Shawn at: 800-839-0722
Or fill out our short inquiry form at the top of the page.
But definitely move fast if you want to grab the bonuses!



More Client Reviews ...

Harmony Goodrum
Harmony Goodrum

"WE LOVE OUR ULTRASOUND! Just so you know, we pregnancy checked our first three mares today... AND ALL THREE ARE IN FOAL! Come Monday we have 3 more to check, and at this point we know we have already saved thousands on vet bills."

And later she added ...

"Our ultrasound has sure saved us a lot of money. Our mares are all in foal, and we have a total of 18 foals due next spring (7 in February alone)!

"Besides the financial savings, it has been so convenient to be able to check mares on our schedule rather than have to wait for a vet. We have several stallions on the farm, but also shipped in semen and using this system made it much easier to keep track of the mares cycle."

~ Harmony Goodrum, Goodrum Equine Services

Red Hawk Ranch
Shawn Fisher with Bob DeGour

The Red Hawk Ranch Success Story

"Perhaps the best endorsement is success. After purchasing the ultrasound that Shawn recommended, we achieved a 100% conception rate using frozen semen during the 2006 breeding season here at Red Hawk Ranch. I use the ultrasound to take the guess work out of ovulation timing.

"Keys to my success have been a set of the "right stuff" ... an excellent "fit" for my first ultrasound instrument, great training, quality semen with incredible post-thaw progressive motility, and very fertile mares.

"We've had a VERY successful breeding season thanks to the ultrasound machine I purchased from Shawn. In fact, the CTS-200V is the proper balance of precision, ease-of-use, and affordability . especially for an equine reproduction operation that only uses an ultrasound during several months of the year. [Note: Bob went on to upgrade to the CTS-3300V when it came out, based on his tremendous savings and succesful results with the CTS-200V.]

"What's also important to consider is having an ultrasound performed when the mare's ovulation cycle requires it. Our mares seem to ovulate at all times of the day and night when our vet is either with other clients or when he's home with his family. Our 100% conception rate last year was due in part to the frequency of pre-ovulatory ultrasounds. With the CTS-200V and the training I received, I AI'ed at the time of ovulation (or very shortly thereafter). An additional benefit of this method is that I don't have to follow the breeding protocols that require one timed insemination dose before and another timed insemination dose after a projected ovulation event. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, my use of the CTS-200V takes the guess work out of my breeding programme. Two benefits are derived: higher conception rates and fewer frozen straws used (reducing my cost per conception).

"So where does a lay person go to get ultrasound training? I've been to a variety of veterinary-school training programmes. They trained me to conduct AI's, conduct much of the lab work required to prepare and ship semen, & handle frozen straws; however, they all refuse to conduct ultrasound training for lay people. Finally, I found Jim Kubiak (

"Last year I conducted all of the equine reproductive ultrasounds here at Red Hawk Ranch. I achieved five conceptions ... a 100% conception rate based on an ultrasound instrument that meets my needs and the practical, very-hands-on training by Dr. Jim Kubiak.

"Here are the 2007 foals that we're expecting here at Red Hawk Ranch in the next few weeks (all by imported frozen semen):

``Samarant`` x ``D'Olympic`` x ``Dobrock`` ``Sir Donnerhall`` x ``Sir Oldenburg`` x ``Rubinstein`` ``Diamond Hit`` x ``Rubicell`` x ``Landfalk`` ``Fidertanz`` x ``Dacaprio`` x ``Lanciano`` ``Rubin Royal`` x ``Hohenstein`` x ``Grandus``

"Oh, I forgot to mention Shawn's two-year warranty, his prompt advice whenever I call or e-mail, and his rapid response to my question about spare fuses: he didn't provide an answer - he simply shipped some free of charge.

"My overall experience with Shawn has far exceeded my expectations, resulting in the finest foal crop during our 17 years in the equine reproduction business."

~ Bob DeGour, Red Hawk Ranch

Jim Kubiak
Dr. Jim Kubiak

This is Dr. Jim Kubiak, who is featured in our exclusive equine ultrasound training DVD, and who will be conducting the workshop on warmblood equine repro ultrasound.

The wonderful thing about Dr. Kubiak is that he can make everything so accessible, so easy to understand. His teaching style is friendly, even gentle, and everyone who attends his courses comes away from them feeling fantastic about what they were able to learn and raving about how extraordinary Dr. Kubiak is as a teacher.

More info on Dr. Jim Kubiak:

Jim Kubiak, Ph.D.
Equine Reproductive Physiologist

Dr. Kubiak's two-day Equine Reproductive Ultrasound School is the finest hands-on training available for horse breeders (see Bob DeGour's endorsement above).

Dr. Kubiak is located in Ramona, California, just north of San Diego, and if you would like to inquire further about his courses, you may reach him at (760) 789-8264.

You can learn more about the ultrasound school at Dr. Kubiak's website here:


Shawn Michael Fisher
Shawn Fisher, with "Delaware Bay"
at Red Hawk Ranch

A final note ...

Throughout 2010 and 2011 seasons, Fisher Biomedical will be dramatically expanding its support of the horse-breeding community, and will be collaborating with a number of successful clients, including Dr. Jim Kubiak (of California) and Dr. Mark Arns (of the University of Arizona) and several other talented breeders in California, Florida, and Kentucky, on what will prove to be the definitive equine ultrasound DVD course available anywhere, worldwide (and which all of our clients will receive, for free, as each DVD comes available). Stay tuned ... coming soon!

Best wishes
to you, to your familes ...
and to your mares!

Please feel free to call me, Shawn Michael Fisher, anytime, to discuss your equine ultrasound needs! You can always reach me at: 800-839-0722


NEW Equine Ultrasound Training Resource Website

We now have an exciting member's-only training site, filled with videos and audio files and annotated images and interviews and more ...

Equine Ultrasound Training Site

Much of the introductory material features Dr. Jim Kubiak, one of the leading trainers of equine reproduction in the United States and Canada for many, many years. His style of teaching is down-to-earth, and he is easy to learn from, easy to understand. Everyone we have ever known to have gone through his training has come away excited with what they've learned and thrilled with the programs.

We enlisted Dr. Kubiak to identify the most Frequently Asked Questions his clients over the years have had concerning equine reproductive ultrasound, and we are recorded his answers. This, in combination with a training video series presented by Dr. Kubiak, and the even more advanced material provided by Dr. Mark Arns of the University of Arizona, will have you up and running with your ultrasound the first few days after you receive it.

Imagine Capturing — and Correctly Interpreting — Images Like These
(But Full-Size, in High-Resolution, with a 256-Frame Cineloop Allowing You To Back Up in Time Up to Ten Seconds, and On a 10-Inch Screen)

Equine Pre-Ovulatory Follicles

Uterine Edema


So — if you re breeding warmbloods, it's time to take complete control of your breeding program. Pick up a CTS-5500V ... pair it with our Equine Repro Package and you're ready to go.

Let's get you started! Call Shawn today at 800-839-0722!