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Family owned and operated for over 35 years, Fisher Biomedical specializes in consulting with clients on diagnostic ultrasound solutions.

Our purpose is not to simply get you an ultrasound — but to get you the right ultrasound, and to make sure you make the most of it in your practice.

Very often we will actually talk our clients into buying less-expensive (but much more appropriate) systems, because we know how important return on investment is in most practices these days.

And unlike other ultrasound dealers simply looking to turn sales, we at Fisher Biomedical take it as our duty to help you become as successful (and as profitable) as possible, long after the sale is completed.

No other seller or service-provider offers this level of expertise and support. Don't settle for second best!


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Diagnostic Ultrasound

Let us help you find the right ultrasound system, in the right configuration, with the right package — all at the right price.


Finding the right ultrasound for your needs can be a challenge. And finding it at the right price to fit your budget can be more challenging still.

Fisher Biomedical Inc. has access to all of the critical ultrasound lines. We can provide new and used systems, refurbished systems, even demo systems. And just as importantly, we are able to customize ultrasound packages, ensuring that you are not only getting the ultrasound you need, but the correct probes, features, accessories, and in most cases even training materials to help get you started.

Whether you are looking for medical diagnostic ultrasound or veterinary ultrasound ... whether you need a portable ultrasound system or a larger cart-based ultrasound system ... whether you need black and white or full color Doppler ... Fisher Biomedical Inc. is excited to become your ultrasound provider!

Which ultrasound companies do we represent?

Everyone worth mentioning! SIUI, Chison, Medison, GE, SonoSite, Acuson, ATL, HP/Agilent, Philips, Toshiba, Biosound, and Siemens.

We are also distributors of the exceptional line of black and white portable ultrasound systems from SIUI. These world-class ultrasound scanners and probes are turning heads at all of the trades shows, offering first-rate imaging at affordable investments. Starting with the immesely popular CTS-3300V+ Equine Veterinary Ultrasound, up through our best-selling medical application models, the CTS-5500+ and the new CTS-8800 Plus, SIUI ultrasounds are the perfect choice for today's physicians looking for the best deals on exceptional ultrasound equipment.


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