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Equine Ultrasound Resources

The new CTS-3300V+ Equine Ultrasound is perfect for equine repro work. It's easy to learn to use, easy to operate, and pulls a great image at what is an extremely affordable price with our discounts.

We also provide a wonderful, free "Equine Ultrasound Bonus Package" to help get you started. This package includes:

  • Custom softshell carrying case with shoulder strap.
  • A laminated 18" x 24.5" poster of the reproductive organs of the mare.
  • Your choice of one of three exceptional works on equine repro and ultrasound (see below), any one of which covering more than you'll probably ever need to know about equine repro ultrasound work, and the combination of them constituting what amounts to a complete university course!

Give us a call to learn more and find out our best current discounts, or send us the short inquiry form below. We'd love to help get you started with ultrasound!


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Lease Options
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$150 a month!




Poster: The Reproductive Organs of the Mare

This poster is just beautiful. We can provide it laminated (if you'd like to hang it out in the barn) or unlaminated if you would prefer to frame it. It's certainly beautiful enough to frame!

Normally $20, for you: Free

Reproductive organs of the mare

Book Option #1:
Reproductive Biology of the Mare

An extensively revised and expanded text and reference book for scientists, veterinarians, teachers, students, and others needing in-depth information on the biologic and applied aspects of mare reproduction.

* Biologic mechanisms
* Applied ramifications of biology
* Discussion of related experimental work
* Chronological lists of milestones
* Research needs and project suggestions
* 642 pages,107 color photos, 103 B/W photos, 207 graphs and tables, 55 illustrations, 1875 references
Download sample pages

Normally $75

Equine Reproduction
  Book Option #2:
Ultrasonic Imaging and Animal Reproduction: Fundamentals - Book 1

Prerequisite to subsequent books in the series. Applies to all animal species.

* Ultrasound principles
* Equipment purchase and operation
* Sources of supplies and equipment
* Examining techniques
* Image interpretation
* Research considerations
* 231 pages, 30 photographs, 526 sonograms, 53 explanatory diagrams
Download sample pages

Normally $75

Equine Ultrasound Bk1

Book Option #3:
Ultrasonic Imaging and Animal Reproduction: Horses - Book 2

Scanning of the reproductive organs of mares and stallions is well illustrated and integrated with gross anatomy and function

* Ovaries, follicles, corpora lutea
* Uterus, conceptus
* Dynamics of embryo and fetus
* Embryonic loss
* Estimating gestational age
* Fetal sexing
* Twins: Development and management
* Stallions: Internal and external organs
* 400 pages, 49 photographs, 516 sonograms, 125 explanatory diagrams
Download sample pages

Normally $75

Equine Ultrasound Bk2


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