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CTS-7700 Podiatric Ultrasound

Ultrasound Reimbursements

Create additional profits and provide superior accuracy in your examinations by incorporating ultrasound in the procedures you are offering your patients.

Benefits to you: Increased accuracy and significant additional reimbursements (see below). Also remember ... increased patient satisfaction is going to translate into increased referrals! And consider the effect it will have on your advertising if you are able to include ultrasound in the services you provide!

Benefits to your patient: Superior diagnostic and clinical applications, more accurate injections and needle placements, and the enjoyment of seeing the ultrasound images of what you are describing to them — and of watching, over time, the changes in their conditions.

CPT Codes & Reimbursements for Rheumatology Ultrasound

CPT Code 76880
Diagnostic Ultrasound, extremity, non-vascular, B-scan and/or real time imaging with image documentation. Average Medicare reimbursement: $94 (non-Medicare reimbursement as high as $150).

CPT Code 76942
Ultrasonic guidance for needle placement (e.g., biopsy, aspiration, injection, localization of device), imaging supervision and interpretation. The average reimbursement for ultrasound-guided injections is $150 to $175. Consider how many injections you give ever week ... If you simply watch the injection with an ultrasound while you are giving it, you are earning an extra $150 to $175 with each one!

Rheumatology Ultrasound ROI

Based on typical reimbursements and our rheumatology ultrasound package pricing:

Option A:
Ultrasound Purchased Outright
...Seeing 2 patients per day (Mon-Fri)

You will pay it off in about TWO MONTHS.
Your ROI the first year alone will be 600%.
Across two years, your ROI will be 1200%.

Would an investment returning 600% in the first year alone be an investment worth making? And don't forget that by implementing the systems we recommend, you will also see a boost in your referrals ... What would a few extra clients a month mean for you?


Rheumatology Ultrasound ROI

Based on typical reimbursements and our rheumatology ultrasound package pricing:

Option B:
Ultrasound Financed Monthly
... Seeing 2 patients per day (Mon-Fri)

You will meet (and exceed) your monthly payment — on the second day of each month.
Your ROI on your monthly investment will be 2000%.

If you could write a check each month, and have someone write you a check in return for twenty times that amount ... would you write that check? And what if you could finance it and go three (or even six!) months before your first payment?

How many procedures would you be performing?

1 exam (or injection) per day = about $2,000 a month ($24K per year)

Assuming you see at least one patient each day ... or give at least one injection per day ... you can be sure of earning at least $100 per day with your ultrasound.

2 exams (or injections) per day = about $4,000 a month ($48K per year)

We encourage our clients to try to pull out their ultrasounds at least once every morning and once every afternoon, whether for a standard exam or for an injection. If you can use your ultrasound on two patients each day, you are earning $200 a day, or four grand a month.

4 exams (or injections) per day = about $8,000 a month ($96K per year)

This should be your real goal — to use your ultrasound twice in the morning, twice in the afternoon. Those four procedures will earn you about $400 per day, $2,000 per week, $8,000 a month!

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