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Plantar Fascia

Plantar Fascia (Ultrasound)

Download our Free Report on the use of ultrasound in diagnosing (and distinguishing) plantar fasciitis and in guiding injections of the plantar fascia.

Click here to download the free report. (You may also right-click the "click here" link and select "Save target as" or "Save file as" and save the PDF to your desktop.)

Click here to download the free Adobe Reader (if for any reason your computer does not open the above PDF file). The majority of computers should already have this.

Click here to read the ScienceDaily article in support of using ultrasound to guide steroid injections in the treatment of plantar fasciitis.



CPT Codes & Reimbursements for Podiatry Ultrasound:

CPT Code 76881 (Complete Exams) & 76882 (Quick Exams)
Diagnostic Ultrasound, extremity, non-vascular, B-scan and/or real time imaging with image documentation. Average Medicare reimbursement: $30 to $90. CPT 76882 is the code you would use if you were looking at plantar fascia, at neuromas, at tendons, etc., while CPT 76881 would be used if you were capturing multiple images from different angles, for example in imaging a joint.

CPT Code 76942
Ultrasonic guidance for needle placement (e.g., biopsy, aspiration, injection, localization of device), imaging supervision and interpretation. The average reimbursement for ultrasound-guided injections is $150 - $175 on top of what you are collecting for the injection (or aspiration) normally.


Exclusive Ultrasound Training in Plantar Fascia Exams:

Step 1: View our proprietary training DVD, which features four complete plantar fascia examinations, covering proper technique and key distinctions.

Step 2: Review our sample annotated images of the plantar fascia (and our Atlas) and familiarize yourself with the proper points of measurement and critical visual cues.

Step 3: Learn the proper ideal work flow in using the ultrasound, both in examining the plantar fascia and in giving ultrasound-guided injections — through our intensive over-the-phone training session and our proprietary work flow notes, developed from working with scores of podiatrists around the country.

Step 4: Practice ... Learn to find your own fascia and then begin actively using the ultrasound with your patients. Equipped with the proper technique and work flow, and educated in what you are looking for, you will be conducting clear and accurate examinations and performing precise ultrasound-guided injections within a day or two of receiving your ultrasound.

Step 5: Bill for your exams and injections properly! Learn from our special reports how to properly annotate your images, how to write accurate reports, how to correctly archive your images, how to code and bill for your exams and injections, and ultimately how to remain absolutely bullet-proof with insurance carriers.

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