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Easy Financing

How does $175 a month sound?

(Something to think about: You can earn that much with just one guided injection per month. Or less than two simple plantar fascia examinations.)

Client Reviews

"I have really enjoyed having a CTS-5500+ ultrasound in my office. Not only has it helped confirm my clinical diagnosis, it greatly helps with differential diagnosis. One of the attributes that I initially never considered is how valuable it is in enabling me me to evaluate the true extent of the pathology, which in turn guides me to a better treatment plan. I'm very happy to have this equipment available in my office."

Scott Kurecki, DPM


"The CTS-5500 is now an integral part of my imaging regime. It's easy daily use helps me to identify many clinical problems immediately oftentimes without the need for additional costly imaging studies. Patients like to see their images and can take a picture with them to show their family. I am extremely happy with the purchase and have found that the insurance reimbursement has far, far outweighed the cost."

Bruce Krell, DPM


"Shawn, first let me thank you on behalf of my associates and myself for your incredible support. Your obvious dedication to your customers makes it easy to recommend you to anyone interested in increasing his or her diagnostic acumen, increasing patient loads, and increasing the quality of care for his or her patients. We have incorporated ultrasound into our practice with so much unexpected results as to patient acceptance as well as income ... we are now more exacting than ever before, and this in a practice that is already in the top 1% - 2% within the podiatric national community ... to say we are pleased is a TOTAL understatement!!! Once again, a hearty 'Thank You!' for all that you represent."

— Howard Imanuel, DPM FACFAS


"It was just remarkable, and I am not even very good at it yet! I used the system all day, got some really good images, and three patients even commented, 'This is so high-tech!' It also reaffirmed the accuracy of my injections — and impressed the heck out of my patients AND my staff! It definitely makes going to the office more fun. I am kicking myself, because I should have had one of these YEARS AGO."

— Dr. S. N., after only his 2nd day


"The ultrasounds [from Fisher Biomedical] have been a great addition to our practice. The reimbursment has been great so far, and it is an excellent tool to get insurance to approve MRI on those cases where prior certification is required. Ultrasound also takes a lot of guessing out of our work, for example [differentiating] a painful os tibiale externum versus a posterior tibial tendinitis. And ultrasonography is about to become the standard of care for diagnosing soft tissue masses."

Francois Harton, DPM


"I needed a second ultrasound and after speaking with several companies, trusted Fisher Biomedical with my business. Shawn is extremely informative and is educated about his products and the specialties they serve. Attention to detail was evident. More importantly, Fisher gave me the best deal. I highly recommend this company."

Eric Rockmore, DPM, FACFAS


"One of my first ultrasounds was for a plantar fasciitis patient. After I showed and printed her photo for her, she was in tears to know that her heel problem was not just in her head as her family and others had been telling her! This patient had immediate tangible evidence of her disorder. I was stunned by her emotional response and was pleased to help her understand and actually ‘see’ her problem.”

— George Costaras, DPM

Podiatry Ultrasound

Add an Easy $50K - $75K to Your Podiatry Practice, All While Improving Patient Care — With New Fully-Digital Podiatry Ultrasound and Industry-Leading Training Package

Complete podiatry ultrasound package including fully-digital ultrasound, accessories, supplies, and full suite of podiatric ultrasound training materials!

  • Everything you need to get started and making profits.
  • Easy financing available as low as about $175/month.
  • Exclusive training DVD's and access to our exclusive Podiatry Ultrasound Resource Training site, bullet-proof billing and reimbursement guide, sample reports, and more!
This is what you are going to receive ... Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
CTS-5500+ Podiatry Ultrasound
* Equipped with 50mm 5-10 MHz Probe
Operator's Manual
Podiatry-Specific Custom Configuration  
Podiatry-Specific Software Upgrades  
And right now you will also receive for FREE: Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Lifetime Membership to Podiatry Ultrasound Training Resource Site, which includes:
Custom Work Flow Notes  
Guide: Podiatric Ultrasound Fundamentals
Guide: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Atlas
Guide: Common Procedures & Pathologies
Sample Report Templates
Bullet-Proof Your Annotations & Reports
Proper Ultrasound Billing (Newly Updated!)
And finally, you also get this stuff FREE: Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Textbook: Atlas of Foot & Ankle Sonography
Custom gel probe stand-off (worth $50!)
USB Drive (for moving images to computer)
Ultrasound Gel (a box of it)
Disinfectant Transducer Cleaner (T-Spray)

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Podiatry Ultrasound ... Why Choose Fisher?

We specialize in podiatry ultrasound and and in helping podiatrists get started with ultrasound in their practices — quickly, effectively, successfully.

Podiatric ultrasound will enable you to provide far greater care to your patients, through enabling you to be more precise in your diagnoses and the treatments you prescribe. Ultrasound will also generate incredible new profits for you podiatry practice, and increase your referrals.

Fisher Biomedical has put together the finest podiatry ultrasound package available, combining the best ultrasound in its class with a complete accessory and supply package to give you exactly what you need to succeed (no less and no more!), as well as the most comprehensive ultrasound training and support package in the country.

We want to make sure that you are using your ultrasound successfully in your practice, and generating significant profits beginning in your first month. Indeed, with our coaching you will have the ability to literally pay off your entire investment in under six weeks.

For podiatry, the stand-out system right now is the CTS-5500+, which, with the latest software developments and specialized configuration, has exceeded everthing else in its class.

The Best-Selling Fully-Digital CTS-5500+ Podiatry Ultrasound

This system now boasts a powerful (and upgradeable) Linux-core software platform, huge image storage capability, two USB ports, and a USB 2.0 flash drive for downloading images to your computer. See CTS-5500+ product details.

Some companies will try to sell you systems costing twice these models much for foot and ankle ultrasound — but that's completely unnecessary. We would rather set you up with the right ultrasound system for your practice, at a lower price, and see you turn a profit as quickly as possible.

The New, Exciting Fully-Digital CTS-8800+ Podiatry Ultrasound

Now you can have a full 15" LCD crisp display and a 5 - 12 MHz linear probe — without breaking the bank! This is our most exciting podiatry ultrasound to date. If image quality means everything to you, then this is the system of choice. See CTS-8800+ product details.

Some companies will try to sell you systems costing twice these models much for foot and ankle ultrasound — but that's completely unnecessary. We would rather set you up with the right ultrasound system for your practice, at a lower price, and see you turn a profit as quickly as possible.

For more information on bringing podiatry ultrasound to your practice, please fill out our short inquiry form or feel free to call us at 800-839-0722.

Ultrasound in Podiatry — Common Areas of Application:

More information on podiatric ultrasound procedures, CPT codes, and reimbursements.

More information on our podiatric ultrasound training package.

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