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Client Reviews

"The CTS-5500 is now an integral part of my imaging regime. It's easy daily use helps me to identify many clinical problems immediately oftentimes without the need for additional costly imaging studies. Patients like to see their images and can take a picture with them to show their family. I am extremely happy with the purchase and have found that the insurance reimbursement has far, far outweighed the cost."

Dr. Bruce Krell


"Shawn, first let me thank you on behalf of my associates and myself for your incredible support. Your obvious dedication to your customers makes it easy to recommend you to anyone interested in increasing his or her diagnostic acumen, increasing patient loads, and increasing the quality of care for his or her patients. We have incorporated ultrasound into our practice with so much unexpected results as to patient acceptance as well as income ... we are now more exacting than ever before, and this in a practice that is already in the top 1% - 2% within the podiatric national community ... to say we are pleased is a TOTAL understatement!!! Once again, a hearty 'Thank You!' for all that you represent."

— Dr. Howard Imanuel


"It was just remarkable, and I am not even very good at it yet! I used the system all day, got some really good images, and three patients even commented, 'This is so high-tech!' It also reaffirmed the accuracy of my injections — and impressed the heck out of my patients AND my staff! It definitely makes going to the office more fun. I am kicking myself, because I should have had one of these YEARS AGO."

— Dr. S. N.


"The ultrasounds [from Fisher Biomedical] have been a great addition to our practice. The reimbursment has been great so far, and it is an excellent tool to get insurance to approve MRI on those cases where prior certification is required. Ultrasound also takes a lot of guessing out of our work, for example [differentiating] a painful os tibiale externum versus a posterior tibial tendinitis. And ultrasonography is about to become the standard of care for diagnosing soft tissue masses."

Dr. Francois Harton


"I needed a second ultrasound and after speaking with several companies, trusted Fisher Biomedical with my business. Shawn is extremely informative and is educated about his products and the specialties they serve. Attention to detail was evident. More importantly, Fisher gave me the best deal. I highly recommend this company."

Dr. Eric Rockmore



Orthopedic Ultrasound

Complete package including accessories, supplies, and training materials!

  • Everything you need to get started and making profits
  • Easy financing available as low as about $175/month
  • Training materials, reimbursement guidelines, etc.

We specialize in musculoskeletal ultrasound and can answer all of your questions. Try us — call 800-839-0722 to speak with an ultrasound specialist today.


Orthopedic Ultrasound will enable you to provide far greater care to your patients, generate incredible new profits, and increase your referrals.

Typical indications for ultrasonography in Orthopedics include:

* Humeral head erosions (HHE)
* Posterior recess synovitis (PRS)
* Auxillary recess synovitis (ARS)
* Bursitis
* Biceps tenosynovitis (BT)
* Partial/complete cuff tear (CCT)
* Needle guidance in aspiration, injection, and biopsy
* Fracture management (e.g., of the hand and ankle)
* Confirmation of hardware (k-wire) and screw or plate positions post-op
* Needle guidance in aspiration, injection, and biopsy

Common ultrasound-guided injection procedures reimburse, on average, $150 to $175 on top of the billing on the injection itself, and typically include Synvisc, Cortizone, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for no-fusions and bony voids, anesthetic/steroid injections as well as dx aspiration of tendon shenaths, joint spaces, and bursae.

Fisher Biomedical has put together the finest orthopedic ultrasound package available, combining the best ultrasounds for the purpose, with a complete accessory and supply package, as well as the necessary training and support, to give you exactly what you need to succeed.

We want to make sure that you are using your ultrasound successfully in your practice, and generating significant profits beginning in your first month.

The Fully-Digital CTS-5500+ Orthopedic Ultrasound

This system now boasts a powerful (and upgradeable) Unix-core software platform, huge image storage capability, two USB ports, and a USB 2.0 flash drive for downloading images to your computer. See CTS-5500 product details.

The Brand New CTS-8800 Plus w/ Optional Color Doppler

Boasting a 15-inch LCD display and a 5 - 12 MHz linear probe and a suite of exciting new image-enhancement options, the CTS-8800+ is now the system of choice among orthopedic and chiropractic and spinal doctors. And if you really want to move into ultrasound in a big way, taking advantage of the ability to see and make measurements based on blood flow, an affordable color Doppler upgrade is available on the CTS-8800 as well. See the CTS-8800+ Orthopedic Ultrasound here.

The Ideal Color Doppler Orthopedic Ultrasound w/ 2 Probes

With a full 12-inch LCD display, PW Color Doppler (for viewing blood flow), and two probes — a broad-range linear 5 - 12 MHz probe (vs. 5 - 10 MHz, which is what every other system has), and a deeper-penetrating convex 2.5 - 5.0 MHz probe — and an even more impressive suite of exciting new image-enhancement options, the Apogee 1100 Orthopedic Ultrasound is now our premiere choice among orthopedic and chiropractic and spinal doctors. See the Apogee 1100 Orthopedic Ultrasound here.

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