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"I can not say enough good things about your follow-through, your integrity and the quality of your product and the education that you have provided. I believe that the money that I spent was extremely well placed. I did not waste a penny. You have given me much more than I ever expected. That is really rare in today's environment. Thanks for everything. You have totally exceeded all expectations!"

Micki Haendiges


"The ultrasound was very easy to start using out of the box, and the included documentation was both thorough and simple. Fisher Biomedical, with the personal attention provided by Shawn Fisher, made me feel completely confident in the purchase of this important piece of equipment. From helping us decide which ultrasound and probe were right for us to offering a highly competitive deal, Fisher Biomedical has gone far beyond my expectations for customer service. Mr. Fisher is always friendly, personable, and available to answer questions and provide support before, during, and after the purchase. He really put the finishing touches on the whole experience, taking this already great company to another level. Thanks to his help, I really feel like I have a trustworthy friend in the business! I would unquestionably recommend Fisher Biomedical to any individual or business looking to buy
an ultrasound."

Heather Wilson


"I am extremely pleased with this ultrasound - it’s absolutely top rate, intuitive in its use and I’ve just spent 90 minutes and have successfully scanned 50 females. It’s an incredible piece of kit (and puts other models I have used in the past to shame). I am truly impressed at how good the SIUI ultrasound unit is. A couple of seconds to locate the gall bladder, another 30 seconds or so to scan for follicles, a few seconds to measure and then save them to the USB for viewing later on my desk top and its job done. The image quality is excellent and I really like the fact that you can switch the probe frequency with the touch of a button."

Rodrick Foster (England)


"It was just remarkable, and I am not even very good at it yet! I used the system all day, got some really good images . . . I am kicking myself, because I should have had one of these YEARS AGO."

— S. Nagler


Easy Financing!

If you are set up as an actual business (with a tax ID number or EIN number), and you've been in business at least 12 months, we can help you set up monthly payments, typically less than $100 a month.

Ultrasound Your Ball Pythons (or Boas) and Radically Increase Your Conception Rates and Breeding Accuracy

Complete ball python package including accessories, supplies, and training materials!

  • Everything you need to radically improve your ball python breeding program
  • Full 24-month parts and labor warranty (and lifetime software upgrades and support)
  • Training via web meeting — be up and running the day your ultrasound arrives

We specialize in ultrasound and have been working with some of the top ball python breeders for nearly 10 years.

We can answer all of your questions and help you get started.

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Finally a First-Rate (Yet Affordable) Ultrasound for Ball Python and Boa Constrictor Breeders

We are very excited to be working with the snake-breeding community. We've been working with numerous breeders (from large operations to small enthusiasts) for a year now. And we've come to a few conclusions - not the least of which being that this is a lot more fun than selling an ultrasound to scan someone's bladder!

We are also very committed to actively supporting the python and boa breeding community by making this niche of our product line into one of our most thriving applications. The value of bringing an ultrasound to your breding program, even over the span of a few breeding cycles (much less the cumulative compounding effect over the course of a few years) is truly immeasureable. We anticipate that within the next few years every serious snake breeder around the world will be using an ultrasound for selecting females for optimal breeding results. And we want to be at the forefront of making that possible.

Two Basic Truths About Ball Pythons and Ultrasounds:

An ultrasound program will enable you to monitor the follicle length in your females and dramatically improve your percentages and your success rate at breeding your prize specimens.

One or two improved breeding cycles will easily more than pay for your entire investment in acquiring an ultrasound.

The Snake and Reptile Ultrasound We Recommend:

Without question, you are going to want either the CTS-3300 or the CTS-5500 portable broadband system, equipped with either the linear 5.0/7.5/10.0 MHz transducer or (as some prefer) the side-firing linear 5.0/7.5/10.0 MHz urological probe.

We have offered lesser systems in the past, and invariably our clients have upgraded to the at least the CTS-485 (predecessor of the new CTS-3300) — and been thrilled. We want thrilled clients. We want you to have a fabulous time working with your ultrasound and get the very best results. The CTS-3300 and CTS-5500 systems make that possible. And to make it even better, the snake-breeding package we offer is heavily discounted right now as we build our clientelle of active breeders.

A few other things you'll want to know about scanning your ball pythons with ultrasound:

While ultrasound gel is an option (and we provide you with some), you will likely use a shallow water bath to assist in calming the snake and maintaining a consistent contact during the procedure. An average scan with the CTS-3300, including the time to make an accurate measurement, will take you no more than two minutes, and possibly less than a minute. You can record the results and move on, or you can print out an annotated image, or save an image internally on the ultrasound itself, or even save images to a USB thumb drive to transfer to your computer. You can actually even record an entire ultrasound procedure to your computer or onto a VCR if you like.

For more information on our snake-breeding package deals, including our exclusive training program (where we fly an expert from our staff to work with you in your facility, on your snakes, and ensure that you are implementing ultrasound in your breeding program with the greatest effectiveness), you may submit our inquiry form and we will be in touch with you soon, generally within an hour. If instead you would like to talk with us right away, please call us at 800-839-0722.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you revolutionize your breeding program!

For more information on bringing ultrasound to your snake breeding, please fill out our short inquiry form below or feel free to call us at 800-839-0722.

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