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CTS-5500 Plus Neo Podiatry Ultrasound

Podiatry Ultrasound Still Adds an Easy $45,600 - $91,200 to Your Practice, Even With the New Reimbursements.

If You've Got 5 Minutes in the Morning and 5 Minutes in the Afternoon, You Can Still Easily Earn $91,200 a Year With Four Quick Ultrasound Procedures Each Day. (We're Talking Fully 13 Times Your Investment the First Year Alone!)

Ultrasound remains one of the easiest ways to add value (and income) to your podiatry practice. Here are some considerations that should interest you:

First, if a 2-minute plantar fascia exam (or neuroma exam, or Achilles exam, etc.) brings you an extra $30 to $50, that's actually pretty darn lucrative. Two quick exams like that each day, even at only $30 using CPT 76882 works out to $1,200 a month or $14,400 a year. That's double your investment in the ultrasound right there.

Second, ultrasound-guided injections are still paying QUITE well. Using CPT 76942 you should easily bring in an extra $150 to $175 on each injection you perform (above whatever you are currently earning for the injection). Just one 3-minute guided injection procedure each day, even at only $150, is going to add $3,000 a month to your practice, or $36,000 a year. Perform one guided injection in the morning and one guided injection in the afternoon and you are looking at $72,000 a year. That alone works out to ten times your investment in the ultrasound, the first year alone.

Third, even beyond these procedures you also have the more lucrative CPT 76881 procedure code you can bill out for "complete" ultrasound examinations of joints in the foot (these look to be reimbursing nearer $100).

Fourth, in the end, having an ultrasound is just plain valuable to you in general, giving you information you would not otherwise have available to you, enabling you to care for your patients better, avoid unnecessary MRI's, track the results of your treatments, and even generate additional referrals.

One thing is certain, though. Even with the new reimbursements in place, one simple exam and one simple guided injection per day ... you're earning an extra $45,600 a year. Make it two simple exams and two guided injections ... you're earning an extra $91,200. That's as much as 13 times your investment in the ultrasound, the first year alone, and all in only 5 to 10 minutes a day.

No one can complain that "the money has gone out of podiatry ultrasound." Toss in one extra guided injection per week and ou are up over six figures in new profits for your practice.

Podiatry ultrasound is still incredibly lucrative however you look at it.

The Fastest Way to Master Podiatry Ultrasound Procedures

You may not have any experience with ultrasound. But that doesn't much matter. Because we make it easy for you.

We have spent the past six years focusing 90% of our efforts in the ultrasound arena on working with podiatrists, and as a result, we have put together the most complete podiatry ultrasound package in the United States — all so you can succeed in a big way, starting your first week with your ultrasound.

Armed with our podiatry ultrasound training package, you are going to be able to get up and running right away, and you will be able to make ultrasound an exciting, lucrative part of your practice starting immediately.

And here's why:

  • Our musculoskeletal ultrasound systems are ideally suited to foot and ankle ultrasound, and specifically set up for podiatry. We have been refining the algorithms, software, and custom configurations specifically for podiatry ultrasound exams and procedures, and in working with hundreds of podiatrists across the country we have refined the ideal work flow as well, making this one of the easiest (and fastest) systems to work on.

  • What's more, our systems boast a 50mm multi-frequency 5-10 MHz linear probe, a full centimeter and a half longer than the ultrasound probes on competing systems (and for accurate plantar fascia and Achilles images, you really need 50mm). We also have the ideal cineloop duration (competing models have only 128-frame cineloops, but ours boasts an ideal 256-frame cineloop, giving you a full 30 seconds to back up after pressing "Freeze" — which is extremely valuable, particularly in properly documenting guided-injection procedures). These two features alone are enough to make our systems the first choice for podiatry ultrasound procedures.

  • Our podiatry ultrasound supply and accessory package includes everything you are going to need to make the most of ultrasound in your practice. We include all of this for free, even the rather expensive but absolutely vital custom stand-off probe attachment so valuable in capturing the best tendon and ankle images. You get that included at no cost, and our podiatry ultrasound training package has a section devoted specifically to how to make the best use of its advantages.

  • And what most sets us apart would be our exclusive podiatry ultrasound training and support package, which includes everything you are going to need in order to master the use of ultrasound in your podiatry practice — even if you have never touched an ultrasound before!

  • Indeed, during our current promotion, you will even receive a free lifetime"Gold-level" membership to our exclusive Podiatry Ultrasound Training Resource Site, filled with step-by-step instruction, annotated images, training videos, audio files, sample reports, and more. We've got you covered!

Here's What You Will Receive With Your Podiatry Ultrasound Package:

Podiatry Ultrasound Package Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
CTS-5500+ "Neo" Podiatry Ultrasound
* Equipped with 50mm 5-10 MHz Probe
Operator's Manual
Podiatry-Specific Custom Configuration  
Podiatry-Specific Software Upgrades  
Custom Work Flow Notes  
Book: Atlas of Foot & Ankle Sonography
Podiatric Ultrasound Fundamentals
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Atlas
Common Procedures & Pathologies
Sample Report Templates
Bullet-Proof Your Annotations & Reports
Proper Ultrasound Billing (Newly Updated!)
And right now you will also receive for FREE: Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Very Limited Time Remaining:
FREE Lifetime GOLD Membership to our new Podiatry Ultrasound Training Resource Site.
And finally, you also get this stuff FREE: Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Custom Probe Stand-Off (worth $275!)
USB Drive (for moving images to computer)
Ultrasound Gel (two bottles)
Disinfectant Transducer Cleaner (T-Spray)
And this stuff is extra, but entirely optional ... Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Optional Mitsubishi Thermal Video Printer
and we throw in a $75 box of paper for free!
$900 $700
Optional Ultrasound Cart
and we even cover the shipping!
$750 $700

Now ... Here Is What It's Going To Do For You:

Here is what having an ultrasound is going to do for you specifically ...

  • It is going to enable you to make critical distinctions that will enable you to make more accurate diagnoses and prescribe more accurate treatments for your patients.
  • It is going to make you look great in the eyes of your patients, leading to more referrals.
  • It is going to generate a substantial new profit stream for your practice.
Here is what our training package will do for you:
  • You will be up and running (and billing out) the day after you receive your ultrasound.
  • You will be trained in the most efficient work flow, making you fast and efficient.
  • You will learn how to handle all of the standard procedures and applications, and learn to make the critical distinctions behind each of these, enabling you to give the very best care to your patients.
  • Your assistants will be trained to best support you, and your billing staff will know precisely how to ensure that your insurance billing is bullet-proof.
Here is how much you can expect to earn:
  • The average Medicare reimbursement for a podiatry ultrasound exam is now in the $30 to $50 range. Our average podiatrist client performs four exams a day. At two minutes each, that works out to eight minutes to earn $120 to $200, or up to $48K a year.
  • The average Medicare reimbursement for an ultrasound-guided injection is $150. We often see private carriers cover as high as $175. Even at $150, two ultrasound-guided procedures a day add up to $300 a day, $6,000 a month, or $72K a year.
  • When you consider that an ultrasound exam (with our training and work flow) should only take you about 2 minutes, that means the ultrasound operates at about $4,500/hour.
  • You won't be using it non-stop for hours on end, of course, but even if you only used the ultrasound 2 - 4 times a day, you are looking at generating somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000 - $100,000 a year.



So, Here is What You
Should Do Next ...

Either fill in the one-line inquiry form below to see our current 2011 Promotion, or even better, give us a call at 800-839-0722 and we can answer any questions you have and explain more about the value of adding an ultrasound to your practice.

And keep in mind: we even have low monthly financing available, making getting started extremely simple and easy (and therefore instantly profitable from day one).

Let's get you started. Within a week you could have the best system for foot and ankle ultrasound, at the best price, with the very best podiatry package available anywhere — in your practice, helping you with your patients, and generating an excellent new source of profits.

This promotion, with all of these extras, isn't going to last long.

So ... Call 800-839-0722 right now, or fill in your email address in the form below ...


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PS: Remember ...

... some of these free bonuses aren't going to be available much longer. If you purchase during this promotion, your Membership to the training resource site is going to be a lifetime membership. Also, the phone training session isn't going to be be available much longer, and the physical copies of the DVD and CDs are going to be removed from our package within a month or two. But you get all of this if you act quick. So call 800-839-0722. Let's get you started. Let's turn you into our next $90,200/year ultrasound success story!




Required Disclaimer:

Our lawyers require that we put this in here. We have to say that the results and reimbursements outlined above are not necessarily typical and that because of all the variables involved we simply cannot guarantee how much you will earn with ultrasound in your practice. But everything depends on your state, your insurance carriers, and whether or not you are actually using your ultrasound to perform exams and guided injections ... or just letting it sit there looking pretty. Our goal is to get you up and running, to make sure you are trained on how to use your ultrasound, and to ensure that your images and reports are optimal for insurance billing. We can't imagine how you cannot equal or exceed what we have found to be average among our clients. But we can't guarantee it either. In the end, your success and earnings will depend upon what you put into learning to use the device and how often you pull it out every day in your practice and how often (and how accurately) you bill for the procedures. Our job is to position you for the greatest success. But in the end, your success is up to you alone. Your results may prove equal to, less than, or greater than anything we have described here. There is no way for us to guarantee the exact results you will see.

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No one offers a podiatry ultrasound training package anywhere close to what we provide our clients with, not only in getting them started, but in supporting them and making them successful long-term.

Click here to read more about our podiatry ultrasound training ...

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Easy Financing

We can help you get set up with simple lease-to-own financing, usually with a $1 buy-out at the end of whichever term you choose (anywhere from one to five years). Just ask and we can send you a short "Easy App" to fill out so our finance guys can work up monthly options for you to look over.

Client Reviews

"Patients love the ultrasound, and it pays!!! And Shawn, who sells it, is fantastic. I have never had anyone sell me something and then come back to me, repeatedly, to make sure we were using it to our full advantage. He continues to help us all do a better service for our patients. This is what it should all be about, all of us helping each other so we all win — the patients, the doctors, and reps like Shawn!"
— Joe Campbell, DPM


"I have really enjoyed having a CTS-5500+ ultrasound in my office. Not only has it helped confirm my clinical diagnosis, it greatly helps with differential diagnosis. One of the attributes that I initially never considered is how valuable it is in enabling me me to evaluate the true extent of the pathology, which in turn guides me to a better treatment plan. I'm very happy to have this equipment available in my office."
— Scott Kurecki, DPM


"The CTS-5500 is now an integral part of my imaging regime. It's easy daily use helps me to identify many clinical problems immediately oftentimes without the need for additional costly imaging studies. Patients like to see their images and can take a picture with them to show their family. I am extremely happy with the purchase and have found that the insurance reimbursement has far, far outweighed the cost."
— Bruce Krell, DPM


"Shawn, first let me thank you on behalf of my associates and myself for your incredible support. Your obvious dedication to your customers makes it easy to recommend you to anyone interested in increasing his or her diagnostic acumen, increasing patient loads, and increasing the quality of care for his or her patients. We have incorporated ultrasound into our practice with so much unexpected results as to patient acceptance as well as income ... we are now more exacting than ever before, and this in a practice that is already in the top 1% - 2% within the podiatric national community ... to say we are pleased is a TOTAL understatement!!! Once again, a hearty 'Thank You!' for all that you represent."
— Howard Imanuel, DPM FACFAS


"It was just remarkable, and I am not even very good at it yet! I used the system all day, got some really good images, and three patients even commented, 'This is so high-tech!' It also reaffirmed the accuracy of my injections — and impressed the heck out of my patients AND my staff! It definitely makes going to the office more fun. I am kicking myself, because I should have had one of these YEARS AGO."
— Dr. S. N. (after only his 2nd day)


"The ultrasounds [from Fisher Biomedical] have been a great addition to our practice. The reimbursment has been great so far, and it is an excellent tool to get insurance to approve MRI on those cases where prior certification is required. Ultrasound also takes a lot of guessing out of our work, for example [differentiating] a painful os tibiale externum versus a posterior tibial tendinitis. And ultrasonography is about to become the standard of care for diagnosing soft tissue masses."
— Francois Harton, DPM


"I needed a second ultrasound and after speaking with several companies, trusted Fisher Biomedical with my business. Shawn is extremely informative and is educated about his products and the specialties they serve. Attention to detail was evident. More importantly, Fisher gave me the best deal. I highly recommend this company."
— Eric Rockmore, DPM, FACFAS


"One of my first ultrasounds was for a plantar fasciitis patient. After I showed and printed her photo for her, she was in tears to know that her heel problem was not just in her head as her family and others had been telling her! This patient had immediate tangible evidence of her disorder. I was stunned by her emotional response and was pleased to help her understand and actually 'see' her problem."
— George Costaras, DPM


"I use my ultrasound [from Fisher Biomedical] for both diagnostic imaging and as a treatment aide. I have been using its needle localization capability for cryosurgery and trigger point injections. It is awesome and carries a very high reimbursement."
— Rick Reyes, DPM


"Ultrasound turned out to be a great addition for my practice. It's a painless procedure and it lets me explain more to the patient regarding their condition. It is also great for documentation. The ultrasound machine I purchased from Fisher Biomedical was very reasonably priced. I collect reimbursements as high as $200 per exam. (Only two insurance services — Oxford and HIP — have not covered ultrasound, but they are the only ones I have had a problem with.) I am also very happy that I got my ultrasound from you. ... What sets you apart is your service. You always return my emails promptly and I love the training materials."
— Elvira Callahan, DPM