Midmark 647 Power Exam Table

Who Else Wants to Snag a New Midmark 647 Procedure Chair (or even a couple of them!) at Only 35% of the Promo Cost?


Yep. You read that right. ... We're Talking Rebates, Tax Breaks, Tax Deductions — Oh, My!

What happens when you cross a Midmark Rebate with a Tax Credit with a Tax Deduction? Answers: you save a bunch of money and you get some great new exam chairs for your practice!

Specifically some incredible Midmark 646 or 647 Procedure Chairs.

You're not going to find a better opportunity than this to replace your old worn out exam chairs with something gorgeous. And a procedure chair like this is going to make your entire office look great. (I mean, really, aren't you tired of looking at your old chairs by now?)

And with this rebate, this tax credit, and this tax deduction ... all working together ... You can literally save yourself 65% on one of these.

Here's one example, based on the Midmark 647-002 Power Podiatry Procedure Chair:

The normal list price on this incredible chair is $9,036.
But the promotional pricing is only $7,507 ...
Now, assume you take the Rebate and get back $400 ...
And you grab the Section 44 Tax Credit of $3,429 ...
And you of course grab your Section 179 Deduction of $1,030 ...
That makes your out-of-pocket cost on one of these beauties only $2,648.

There's no hocus-pocus there. That's how the math works out.

And that's a beautiful thing.

Three Rebate Options — Midmark Gives You a Choice ...

You don't have to take the $400 rebate from Midmark. You can actually get yourself something even nicer if you like: they're even offering as an option a Vision Block Screen and Ritter 276 Air Lift Stool — and those are actually worth $818. Or if you want, you can get yourself a three-year extended warranty on the chair — and that's worth $1,200! It's up to you. Four hundred in cash, or one of those other offers. Up to you. Just act quick ... they aren't going to last long.

Midmark Rebate Options

How Low Can You Go? (This Table Goes REAL Low.)

We're talking barrier-free here. We're talking a chair that can lower to only 19 inches off the floor. What that means is incredible accessibility

  • for elderly patients
  • for obese patients
  • for disabled patients
  • for pregnant patients
And for you ... that increased accessibility means a Section 44 Tax Credit for each of these chairs you put in your office.

Here Are Some Of The Things You'll Love About This Chair

Midmark highlights a number of things you're going to love about the 646 or 647 Exam Chair, even beyond the incredible price you can get one at right now:

  • Covered glides — making it easy to clean.
  • Ergonomic release handles — positioned to allow one-handed operation.
  • Adjustable arms — that can rotate completely out of the way, for max accessibility.
  • Integrated touch controls — convenient and built to last.
  • Large stainless steel debris tray — speaks for itself.
  • Barrier-Free 19" Low Height — great for patients & gets you a tax credit.
And here are some others they leave out, but we might as well add while we're at it:
  • You're going to have a gorgeous NEW procedure chair in your office.
  • Your patients are going to think it's great.
  • Your staff is going to think it's great.
  • You're going to feel so much better looking at the NEW table every day.
  • And you're going to feel relief at getting rid of that old clunker you're replacing.

Call Now. Seriously.

Let's get you set up with at least one of these. (Or two, if you want!) Call now: 800-839-0722. This is an easy choice. Great new chair, unheard-of discount opportunity. Grab it while you can and start enjoying your new procedure chair as soon as possible.


PS: Remember ...

This promotion isn't going to last forever. You've got a small window of opportunity here. You know you would love new exam chairs, and they'll be an asset to your practice. You can grab them right now at 35% of the normal promo pricing. Don't let six months go by and be sitting there with your old exam chairs wishing you had grabbed this chance while you could.

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See It Up Close

Go ahead and click the link below and you can download a really snazzy PDF brochure on the Midmark 646 and 647 Podiatry Procedure Chair ...

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Easy Financing

And keep in mind, we can even help you get set up with simple lease-to-own financing, usually with a $1 buy-out at the end of whichever term you choose (anywhere from one to five years). Just ask and we can send you a short "Easy App" to fill out so our finance guys can work up monthly options for you to look over.

The Specs

Patient Load Rating:
450 lb. (204 kg)


Base Height:
Minimum 19" (48.3 cm)
Maximum 40" (101.6 cm)


Foot Section Height:

With foot section retracted
15.5" to 54" (39.4 cm to 137.2 cm)

With foot section fully extended
14" to 57" (35.6 cm to 144.8 cm)

Foot section:
26" W x 6" H (66.0 cm x 15.2 cm)

Foot extension:
9" (22.9 cm)


Debris tray:
15.1" W x 10.6" H x 1.5" D


Back Support Angle Range:
0° to 80°
Seat Tilt Angle Range:
0° to 30°


Seat Width w/ Chair Arms Installed:
37.5" (95.3 cm)

Foot Control:
14.5" W x 6" H

Electrical Outlet Rating:
115 VAC, 3 Amps