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CTS-8800 Plus Ultrasound

The Brand New SIUI CTS-8800+ Ultrasound

Portable, Fully-Digital, Broadband, with 15" LCD Display and Huge Cineloop

  • Exceptional image (huge, crisp, unmatched 15" LCD Display)
  • High-Density Broadband 5-12 MHz Linear Probe in Standard Config.
  • Massive 1024-frame Cineloop
    + On-Screen Quick-Access Image Review
  • Selective Range TGC Gain Sliders
  • New SRT "Speckle-Reduction" Technology
  • New THI Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Available 4D Upgrade
  • Available PW Color Doppler Upgrade
  • 160-Gig Hard Drive
  • USB Drive for moving images to computer
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Optional cart or custom carrying case
  • 24-month Warranty
  • Comprehensive Orthopedic + Podiatry Ultrasound Training Package

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Intoducing the New Fully-Digital CTS-8800+ Ultrasound (with Optional Color Doppler and 3D/4DImaging)

The CTS-8800+ Ultrasound from SIUI provides far more flexible and far sharper imaging than the CTS-7700 it has replaced, and boasts a number of exciting improvements:

  • An improved operating system with greater stability (so your system won't crash).
  • A 160-gig hard drive (so you never run out of space for your images).
  • The latest SRT "Speckle-Reduction" technology (so your images are sharper).
  • A much more extensive zoom (so you can zoom in twice as much as before).
  • Picture-in-Picture zooming (so you can retain visual anatomical clarity of position).
  • An expanded focal range (giving you 32 focus zones, for greater clarity).
  • Improved transducers (for increased resolution ... and even an available 4D probe).
Ultimately, for the very best imaging, and the latest in affordable 4D imaging for Rheumatology, Musculoskeletal, and OBGYN applications, the new SIUI CTS-8800+ is going to provide you with that next level of ultrasound imaging — without breaking the bank.


CTS-8800 Plus on Cart

High-Resolution Imaging

What contributes most to the image quality on the CTS-8800+?
  1. Fully-digital imaging.
  2. High-res 15" LCD screen!
  3. Upgradable to Color Doppler!
  4. High-density multi-frequency transducers.
  5. TGC Gain Sliders.
  6. Cineloop (1024 frames).
  7. On-Screen Quick Review.
  8. SRT Speckle Reduction.
  9. THI Tissue Harmonics.
  10. Trapezoidal Imaging.
  11. IP One-Key Optimization.
  12. High-Def Live Zoom.
  13. Custom Probe Stand-Off for enhanced superficial imaging.
  14. Upgradable to 3D/4D.

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