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CTS-5500 Podiatry Ultrasound

CTS-5500+ "Neo"
Podiatry Ultrasound

Portable, Fully-Digital, Broadband

  • Exceptional image (10" LCD display)
  • High-Density Broadband 5-10 MHz Probe
  • Robust 256-frame Cineloop
  • Selective Range TGC Gain Sliders
  • USB Drive for transfering images to computer
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Optional cart or custom carrying case
  • 36-month Warranty

Podiatric ultrasound is one of our primarily specializations, and we would love to have the opportunity of helping you determine the best ultrasound solution for your practice — and showing you how profitable it can prove, using our systems and work flow.

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Comparing Us With Other Ultrasound Dealers?

This is what you are going to receive ... Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
CTS-5500+ Podiatry Ultrasound
* Equipped with 50mm 5-10 MHz Probe
Operator's Manual
Podiatry-Specific Custom Configuration  
Podiatry-Specific Software Upgrades  
And right now you will also receive for FREE: Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Lifetime Membership to Podiatry Ultrasound Training Resource Site, which includes:
Custom Work Flow Notes  
Guide: Podiatric Ultrasound Fundamentals
Guide: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Atlas
Guide: Common Procedures & Pathologies
Sample Report Templates
Bullet-Proof Your Annotations & Reports
Proper Ultrasound Billing (Newly Updated!)
And finally, you also get this stuff FREE: Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Textbook: Atlas of Foot & Ankle Sonography
Custom gel probe stand-off (worth $50!)
USB Drive (for moving images to computer)
Ultrasound Gel (a box of it)
Disinfectant Transducer Cleaner (T-Spray)
* Note: You may of course also simply purchase the ultrasound alone, without our complete podiatry package, at a lower price. You have the option of either buying the ultrasound alone at one price, or buying the full package at a higher price, or even of picking and choosing among what you would like to add or take away. Just give us a call and we can tailor a package precisely to your needs. See our current promotion here!

The Fully-Digital CTS-5500+ ... Our Best-Selling Ultrasound

The CTS-5500+ Ultrasound from SIUI, equipped with the linear 5 - 10 MHz probe (central frequency 7.5 MHz), has become our best-selling ultrasound for foot and ankle imaging.

Far more flexible and far sharper than the model below it (the CTS-3300), and nearly equivalent in image quality to the more expensive model above it (the CTS-7700), the new fully-digital broadband CTS-5500+ combines exceptional imaging with affordability, making it our first recommendation in many applications, not only podiatric or musculoskeletal.

Now built upon an extremely solid UNIX software platform, the CTS-5500+ is now upgradeable, meaning that as upgrades are released (free to Fisher Biomedical clients), your ultrasound simply becomes better and better over time. And what's more, we are working directly with the manufacturer to make the next upgrade heavy on custom podiatry features we have cooked up working with all of our podiatrists.

The CTS-5500+ also now boasts an excellent array of image-management functions, enabling you to not only make all of your measurements and annotations quickly and efficiently, but also allowing you to save images internally or externally (to a USB thumb drive), in a variety of file formats (including the popular .jpg format for saving your captured and annotated images, and even the .avi format for saving your entire cineloop as a video file!).

CTS-5500 on Cart
Cart here shown with original 5500 model,
rather than the new 5500+ with LCD display.

High-Resolution Image

What contributes most to the image quality on the CTS-5500+?
  1. Fully-digital imaging.
  2. High-res 10" LCD display.
  3. High-density multi-frequency transducers.
  4. TGC Gain Sliders.
  5. Cineloop (256 frames).
  6. IP One-Key Optimization.
  7. High-Def Live Zoom.

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Client Reviews ...

The CTS-5500 is now an integral part of my imaging regime. It's easy daily use helps me to identify many clinical problems immediately oftentimes without the need for additional costly imaging studies. Patients like to see their images and can take a picture with them to show their family. I am extremely happy with the purchase and have found that the insurance reimbursement has far, far outweighed the cost.

Bruce Krell, DPM


The [CTS-5500] ultrasounds have been a great addition to our practice. The reimbursment has been great so far, and it is an excellent tool to get insurance to approve MRI on those cases where prior certification is required. Ultrasound also takes a lot of guessing out of our work, for example [differentiating] a painful os tibiale externum versus a posterior tibial tendinitis. And ultrasonography is about to become the standard of care for diagnosing soft tissue masses.

Francois Harton, DPM