CTS-3300V Ultrasound

The Extraordinarily Effective CTS-5500V+ Veterinary Ultrasound

Portable, Fully-Digital, Broadband

  • Exceptional image (10" screen)
  • High-Density Broadband 5-Frequency Probes
  • Now available! 65mm 3.5 - 7.5 MHz Equine Probe!
  • Veterinary software package
  • Equine / Bovine / Canine / Feline calculations
  • Robust 256-frame Cineloop
  • Selective Range TGC Gain Sliders
  • USB drive for transfering images to computer
  • Lightweight portable design
  • 36-month Warranty

Veterinary ultrasound is one of our primarily specializations, and we would love to have the opportunity of helping you determine the best ultrasound solution for your needs.

Try us! Call us now at 800-839-0722. We can answer your questions and help you make the best choice of a new ultrasound.

Interested in Equine Ultrasound, and Comparing Us With Other Dealers?

Included with purchase of our Full Package* Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Operator's Manual
NEW! Training Resource Site which includes:
Guide: Fundamentals (Follicles and Embryos)
Special Workflow Notes
Audio FAQ w/ Dr. Mark Arns
Introductory Videos w/ Dr. Jim Kubiak
Ongoing Support and Training Materials
Also included with the Full Package* Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Breeders Assistant Repro DVD w/ Jim Kubiak
Textbook: Ultrasonic Imaging and Horse Repro
Laminated Poster: Repro Organs of the Mare
Laminated Poster: Ultra Anatomy of the Embryo
USB Drive
Ultrasound Gel
Free Freight
* Note: You may of course also simply purchase the ultrasound alone, without our full package, at a lower price. You have the option of either buying the ultrasound alone at one price, or buying the full package at a higher price, or even of picking and choosing among what you would like to add or take away. Just give us a call and we can tailor a package precisely to your needs.

What's the difference between the CTS-3300V+ and the CTS-5500V+?

The CTS-3300V+ Ultrasoundwas our best-selling portable equine repro ultrasound, but unfortunately it was discontinued by SIUI the manufacturer. They just aren't making the parts for the CRT display anymore.

But they did discount the other model, so if you just want a more advanced system, with a faster processor and sharper images, and more functionality in terms of what you can do with the images themselves ... then the CTS-5500V+ Veterinary Ultrasound is perfect for you.

If you are going to be working with small animals — dogs and cats and the like — then you should definitely should consider the CTS-5500V+ anyways. The reason is, for smaller animals you are going to have to confront a great many differences in size and application. You will also probably need one or ideally two external probes.

So whether it's equine or bovine work, or smaller animals, the CTS-5500V+ is an amazing and affordable ultrasound.


CTS-5500V+ Ultrasound:
Best In Its Class!

  1. Fully-digital imaging.
  2. High-res 10" screen.
  3. High-density multi-frequency transducers.
  4. TGC Gain Sliders.
  5. Cineloop (256 frames).
  6. Internal image storage.
  7. USB drive for external storage.
  8. Veterinary software package.
  9. UNIX upgradeable platform.
  10. Fast processor.
  11. The "Perfect Work Flow."

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Client Reviews:

"The ultrasound was very easy to start using out of the box, and the included documentation was both thorough and simple. Fisher Biomedical, with the personal attention provided by Shawn Fisher, made me feel completely confident in the purchase of this important piece of equipment. From helping us decide which ultrasound and probe were right for us to offering a highly competitive deal, Fisher Biomedical has gone far beyond my expectations for customer service. Mr. Fisher is always friendly, personable, and available to answer questions and provide support before, during, and after the purchase. He really put the finishing touches on the whole experience, taking this already great company to another level. Thanks to his help, I really feel like I have a trustworthy friend in the business! I would unquestionably recommend Fisher Biomedical to any individual or business looking to buy veterinary or medical equipment."
Heather Wilson


"I just wanted to let you know, you guys have done a top notch job, and I am very, very impressed with your service and your educational support and the machine. You have been a HIGHLY pleasant company to work with, and I am going to continually recommend you to everyone I can. Thank you again for such an outstanding bang-up job. I have nothing but the highest regards for you. Thanks again."
Dr. Micki Haendiges


"What can we say but "WOW".  We love our new CTS-5000V ultrasound machine!  As you know we were skeptical at first that we could use it but all our fears have been put to rest with our first successful pregnancy, on a foal heat, of the first mare we used the system with! Additionally, we have saved ourselves over $1,000 in vet fees on breeding this mare this year and, in this economy every dollar matters.  Last year we spent over $8,000 in vet fees alone breeding mares.  The investment that we made this year in having our own machine (and Dr. Jim Kubiak's training) has already paid financial dividends for us.  The purchase of the ultrasound machine was one of the smartest business moves we have made to date.  When we have been asked how we could afford to buy a machine now, in this economy, our reply has been, how could we afford not to buy it?! We would highly recommend Shawn and Fisher Biomedical.  The customer service and personal attention we received has been outstanding!  We wish more companies would take such an active interest not only in their customers, but in  their customer's ultimate success.  We look forward to many more years of working with them.
Tim & Ann Egan