CTS-3300V Ultrasound

Best-Selling (And Seriously Affordable) CTS-3300V+ Equine

Portable, Digital, Broadband

  • Exceptional image (10" screen)
  • High-Density 5-Frequency Probes
  • Veterinary software package
  • Equine / Bovine / Canine / Feline calculations
  • Robust 256-frame Cineloop
  • Selective Range TGC Gain Sliders
  • USB Drive for transfering images to computer
  • Lightweight portable design
  • 24-month Warranty

Equine repro ultrasound is one of our primarily specializations, and we would love to have the opportunity of helping you determine the best ultrasound solution for your mares.

Try us! Call us now at 800-839-0722. We can answer your questions and help you make the best choice of a new ultrasound.

Interested in Equine Ultrasound, and Comparing Us With Other Dealers?

Included with purchase of our Full Package* Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Operator's Manual
DVD: Ultrasonic Imaging of Repro Events
DVD: Fundamentals (Follicles and Embryos)
Special Workflow Notes
Book: Ultrasonic Imaging and Horse Repro
Laminated Poster: Repro Organs of the Mare
Laminated Poster: Ultra Anatomy of the Embryo
NEW! Top-18 FAQ's With Dr. Jim Kubiak!
NEW! Training Resource Site!
NEW! Optimizing the CTS-3300V+ Training!
Ongoing Support and Training Materials
Also included with the Full Package* Other Sellers Fisher Biomedical
Custom Soft-Shell Carrying Case
Foot / Hand - Switch
USB Drive
Ultrasound Gel
Arm Sleeves
Free Freight
* Note: You may of course also simply purchase the ultrasound alone, without our full package, at a lower price. You have the option of either buying the ultrasound alone at one price, or buying the full package at a higher price, or even of picking and choosing among what you would like to add or take away. Just give us a call and we can tailor a package precisely to your needs.

The New CTS-3300V+ Veterinary Ultrasound ...

The new CTS-3300V+ Ultrasound from SIUI, with its wide-range of available probes and built-in calculation packages, has become our best-selling portable veterinary ultrasound, especially in equine reproductive applications. Indeed, we have never seen anything like it.

Up until 2008, our best-selling equine system was the old CTS-200V+, with its 6-inch screen and its single-frequency probe, completely without cineloop or any easy way to transfer images to a computer. Yet it was STILL tremendously popular! Everyone still loved it. For its price, there was nothing else on the market that came close.

Then the new CTS-3300V came out, and closely on its heels the even newer CTS-3300V+. And everything has gotten much, much better still.

With the CTS-3300V+ you have a larger screen, a multi-frequency probe, cineloop (which enables you to capture an image and then back up in time to the very bet frame), internal image storage and even a USB drive for moving images easily to a computer. If the CTS-200V+ was good, this one is extraordinary.


Affordable yet Impressive

What contributes most to the image quality on the CTS-3300V+?
  1. Fully-digital imaging.
  2. High-res 10" screen.
  3. High-density multi-frequency transducers.
  4. TGC Gain Sliders.
  5. Cineloop (256 frames).
  6. Internal image storage.
  7. USB drive for external storage.
  8. Veterinary software package.
  9. The "Perfect Work Flow."

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Shawn Michael Fisher

Client Reviews:

“I have to tell you, I love my ultrasound! It has given us so much freedom for breeding our own mares. I no longer have to wait for the vet, but can check them myself on my own schedule! When Kevin suggested we buy it last year, I knew I would love it, but hesitated, because I had heard they were really expensive. It was nice to find such a great machine for a reasonable cost."

Kathy Hood

"I just wanted to let you know, you guys have done a top notch job, and I am very, very impressed with your service and your educational support and the machine. You have been a HIGHLY pleasant company to work with, and I am going to continually recommend you to everyone I can. Thank you again for such an outstanding bang-up job. I have nothing but the highest regards for you. Thanks again."

Dr. Micki Haendiges